Jean Apps, Actor - 26/01/16


To be part of Reversed Shakespeare's staging of ‘Lear’ was an undreamed of opportunity for me as an older actor.


Playing Lear as a woman was an exciting, challenging, frustrating and emotional experience.




Lindsay Dukes, Artistic Director - 07/01/16


Shakespeare, and the reason why he’s good, I think, is because he writes characters that are so universal that for as long as I’ve been educated enough to understand what the hell he’s going on about, I’ve felt an enormous gratitude at being able to read, see and sometimes even play these people who, for me at least, transcend time, age, experience while still somehow managing to gouge their way into my private experience.


It’s like what Hector says in Alan Bennett’s History Boys,




Monica Nash, Actor - 01/11/15


I suppose my first reaction to the idea of gender-swapping Shakespeare was, as many people's might be, 'Oh, this is a gimmick. Not one for the purists'. I thought it would be fun, a bit silly, a bit politically correct, I would get to play some cool parts that I'd always wished I could play, and that would be about it.



Matt McFetridge, Actor - 28/10/15


When the Reversed Shakespeare Company began, it was a series of workshops that were mostly being run out of people’s flats. If we were really lucky, someone would have a connection to a theatre or school somewhere, and we could use a space in there. In fact, the first workshop I attended personally was in someone’s parents’ house, and we were all drinking wine and doing scenes from Much Ado About Nothing. The National Theatre Studio this was not.